2016: Wildlife photographs.

In 2016 there was less focus on taking pictures of the local wildlife, instead I concentrated more on the landscape surrounding where I live. However there were some interesting pictures. All (except the Barn Owl) taken within 5 miles of Otford Pond in the Darent Valley, Kent.

Local landscape photographs through the year and continuing into next year can be found here:



Kingfisher. January 1st 2016.

Kingfisher takeoff. Using the wonderful best moment capture on the Nikon V and J series. Not quite sharp on the eye.


Grass Snake. May 1st 2016

Not often seen – infact the last time I saw a Grass Snake was at the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve in July 2013. Then on a warm day on May 1st I saw two different Grass Snakes within 20 minutes. Really wonderful !


Kestrel. May 7th 2016.

Almost every walk I’ll see a Kestrel. Almost every walk I’ll fail to get an interesting picture, most often the photo is looking directly up with only the Kestrel and sky. This was a little bit better.


Heron. May 14th 2016.

Two herons, reflections and a crow. Unfortunately a fence post in the background…


Deer. July 2nd 2016.

Deer in the grass. I very much like this image.


Badger. July 22nd 2016.

Late night in the local fields. Quietly sitting on a summer evening in the local fields and seeing a Badger going about its business is truly magical.


Little Owl. August 8th 2016.

There’s a spot in the local fields where every year I see the Little Owls. Only occasionally do they come close enough to get a decent photograph without setting up a hide. This was snapped just walking by.


Barn Owl. September 18th 2016.

Very late in central Norfolk.


Kingfisher. October 23rd 2016.

I wasn’t aiming for this image so it was really just a lucky snap. The Kingfisher is emerging from a dive but I’ve stopped the action at a point where it looks like it is taking a bath – not the intention.


Fox. November 19th 2016.

A dawn walk is often worthwhile.


Sheep. December 3rd 2016.

A dawn walk is often worthwhile.


Swan. December 9th 2016.

From the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve.


Kingfisher. December 26th 2016.

Probably the best Kingfisher photograph from this year. The frame proceeding this is better but the Kingfisher has its nictitating membrane closed which reflects back blue.


Moorhen. December 27th 2016.

While waiting for the Kingfisher the Moorhens often swim around.


Squirrel. December 31st 2016.

A Squirrel looking cute to end the year.

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