Heron photograph with a 28mm lens.

On the walk to work I saw a heron land about 50ft ahead of me in St. James Park, London.

I set the Ricoh GR to manual focus, F8 for some good depth and 1/100th on the speed. I know I can hold the camera steady at a slower shutter speed but I didn’t want to stop once I was close to the heron. Slowing or stopping would of spooked the bird off. ISO was on auto (1100). If I did this again I would of chosen a higher shutter speed and allowed the ISO to go a bit higher.

Holding the camera low at my side as I walked past I took 4 frames of which this was the best. Cropped to 16×9 but this is almost the full width of the frame.

The birds are very tame in the London parks but still quite fun to take a wildlife pic with a wide angle ! The Heron remained in place as I continued on my way.


Heron in St. James Park. London. Ricoh GR Digital.

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