New website, new project.

I’m having a go at a new photographic project.

The Kingfisher project is ongoing but to provide some variety I’ve started a new web page:

The idea is to revisit many of my favourite locations in the Darent Valley, Kent, UK during 2016 and 2017. I’ll update, delete and replace the photographic selection as the seasons progress, ending up with 100 photo’s documenting the seasons. Although I want all the individual images to be interesting, I also want the whole selection to be coherent.

Starting in Winter 2016 I’ve found the infrared converted Fuji XE2 to reflect the look and feel I want of the surrounding landscape. But as the year progresses I’d expect a balanced mix of colour, black and white and infrared photographs.

Yesterday (Saturday) it was very windy and I went up Greenhill to photograph one of my favourite trees looking very bare in Winter.


Winter tree. Greenhill. Fuji XE2 infrared.

On Sunday after no sighting of the Kingfisher at the stream I went out beyond the village. Although it had been brighter earlier, the sky became increasingly dark and there was some unusual winter thunder and lightning. I quickly returned home.


Daffodil in January. Nikon J5.


Lightning about to start. Fuji XE2 Infrared.


Darkness before night. Fuji XE2 Infrared.

It’s possible and likely that none of these images make it to the final selection at the end of 2017, but it’s a start.

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