Kingfisher: The long photo project.

For a photo project (17 months and ongoing) long periods of time go by without any appreciable improvements. Most weekends I take some images that I’m very pleased with, but often they are not really any different from the previous efforts.

Occasionally a weekend pops up that is much more successful. On Saturday Storm Desmond (here in the UK) ripped the wildlife hide out of the ground and dumped it in the stream.

On Sunday I went out with the backup hide and got these snaps. As a note. I put out a perch for the Kingfisher but never use any bait.


Kingfisher. 1 of 3.


Kingfisher. 2 of 3.


Kingfisher. 3 of 3.


Grey Wagtail.


Kingfisher on perch.


Kingfisher reflection.


Grey Wagtail.

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