Kingfisher Wildlife Stakeout.

The Kingfisher. Photo Update.

First of all there was the initial excitement of finding a local (very local) Kingfisher back at the end of July 2014. Using a wildlife hide the photographs came pretty quickly. Mainly perching and incidentally there were some pictures of the Kingfisher flying from the perch and diving for fish. I’m really pleased with these (and I have lots more) but the photo world has no shortage of Kingfishers on a stick pictures…

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So after getting these pictures my thoughts turned back to the end of 2012 when I last tried to get some more interesting Kingfisher photographs. My main problem here was I could never get close enough. All of these are cropped in.

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But getting close is not a problem in the new location. The channel it flies down is narrow and I can set up right at the water edge. It does a fly by every 45 minutes to an hour, so every weekend I might get 6 picture attempts (assuming I spend 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday in the tent). Alas sometimes it is flying away from the camera and sometimes I miss the moment. But there is no reason not to be ambitious, it’s just about putting in the time and getting a bit lucky !

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I’m pretty convinced this will be a lovely photograph, maybe next weekend !

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