Little Egret – Blown Highlights. D7000 – Blown Camera.

Six years, Four Nikon DSLR’s, Five lenses and one Speedlight and a first Nikon failure. D7000 managed about 60 pictures before becoming unresponsive. Only ISO being displayed on the top LCD although other data flashes up when it turns off, the Menu and Playback button do not activate the rear LCD. Front and rear command dials do not adjust Shutter and Aperture – only adjust the ISO which is being displayed. Live View does activate the rear screen but will not allow recording. I can take a picture which then displays on the back but the command dial does not scroll through any other pictures. On / Off, Battery in and out, lens off and on, pressing the two buttons with the green dot … no joy.

A shame and inconvenience but this is just one dud camera. I have total faith in Nikon equipment as my other Nikon DSLR survived a week out in Canadian and Alaskan rain that zapped another brand in two days …

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